Our legend

In those ancient times, is one ancestor of the owners was a brave sailor, he furrowed the majority of seas and oceans, has accumulated a good amount of money. As he swam, he kept a diary, in which he reflects his impressions, especially the life of the countries he visited. All of his notes, he joined a small collection, which he named Sailor Notes this diary he bequeathed to his children. He floated for a long time, and miss the family hearth. When the sailors returned home for good, he could not refuse from the sea, completely, and decided on the accumulated money to open a small inn for pilgrims on the sea shore of the Azov Sea. He called his little cozy hotel just - Seaman. His investments were successful. Business is successful today, and that's the part of the diary, which describes the cuisine of different countries, he did not have time to implement, but left his descendants a good amount of money, and in the will have - to open near Mariner's cozy restaurant, which will delight the hospitality and delicious food residents and travelers. Notes of a sailor become a family heirloom owners and are passed from generation to generation. Today you will be able to see and hold in your hands this heirloom if gently tell the waiter secret code word.