Main menu

Menu section Item Description Portion Price

Pâté plate Chicken liver pâté with cranberry sauce, salmon pâté, poultry pâté with forest mushrooms, vegetable sauté,  served with white bread toasts 300 85

Bruschettas plate Bruschettas plate with vegetable salsa and mozzarella, Parma ham and anchovy sauce, roast beef, light-salted fish fillet mix. 300 85

 Fish plate Light-salted salmon, smoked escolar and home-made silver carp, mackerel and herring fillet 250 150

Wine cheese plate Camembert, dorblu, parmesan, emmental, Russian cheese, served with berry sauce, grapes, mango and assorted nuts 230/40 135

Wine meat plate   300 170

Antipasto Italian appetizers mix: prosciutto, mozzarella, dorblu cheese, olives, toasts with pesto sauce 260 135

Warm salad with chicken giblets, caramelized apples and mustard sauce   240 80

Greek salad with fresh vegetables, olives, oregano and feta cheese   240 70

"Caesar" salad in classical style with chicken fillet, parmesan and anchovy sauce   240 85

Warm salad with duck breast, orange and grapefruit   250 125

Salad with squids and octopuses   230 120

Country salad with sunflower oil Fresh vegetables, celery, greenery, garden reddish, daikon and scented sunflower oil  230 45

Salad with turkey fillet, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate sauce    210 95

 "Olivier"  salad with roast beef by Chef   230 72

Seafood salad stewed in white wine with thyme and lime   220 155

Veal salad with vegetables served in crispy flat cake Pieces of grilled veal and vegetables dressed with savoury olive oil and greenery sauce; served in freshly baked flat cake  with pesto sauce 300 85

Warm sald with mushrooms Warm sald with champignons , sweet paper and yardlong bean dressed with savoury sauce 240 78

Vegetable salad with vegetables and cedar nuts Salad leaves, fresh vegetables and champignons, ginger dressing based on olive oil, cedar nuts, sesame 240 75
Hot starters

Khachapuri  in Mingrelian style  Golden crust double cheese pie  450 60

Kubdari Meat pie 450 60

Loren quiche with salmon and broccoli   230 60

Shrimps fried on Himalayan salt Shrimps fried with zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Cooked and served on Himalayan salt 120 140
Beer appetizers

Backed foreshank Foreshank backed in garlic marined. Served with fermented cabbage 1000 230

Irish grill Beefsteak with deep-fried onion, sausages, pork ribs with honey marinade, mutton lyulya-kebab, potato pieces, barbecue sauce .You can order any item separately  1000/50 300

Sizzling pan with veal Veal fried with vegetables and spiceries in soy-honey sauce 400 120
800 230

Sizzling pan with chicken Chicken fillet fried with vegetables in spicy sauce with garlic 400 95
800 175
Soups   Domestic bouillon with quail and pashot egg   250 45

Lentil cappuccino-soup    250 40

Soup with forest mushrooms and bacon   300 60

Celery veloute soup with mussels flesh   260 75

Harcho soup Traditional soup with veal and rice, Georgian spices and cilantro. Served with mchadi. 300 60

Hashlama Lamb with vegetables  stewed in beer 300 65
Fish and seafood main courses   Roayl Catfish backed with herbs de Provence   100* 20

White fish fillet with pink sauce baked with vegetables   220/50 120

Dorado baked with lime and Mediterranean  herbs, served on Himalayan salt   100* 60

Sea bass baked with lemon and Mediterranean  herbs, served on Himalayan salt   100* 63

Salmon stewed in  sauce with  white wine, greenery, vegetables and cheese creeme   220/50 160

Salmon fillet in miso-paste savoury marinade  fried on nut butter  Served with rice mix and saffron 260 160
Meat and poultry main courses

Mini  cabbage rolls stuffed with turkey and forest mushrooms sauce   270 80

Veal tenderloin medallions  with vegetables and grapes a la gratin dressed with red wine sauce   350 165

Roast veal with vegetables in spicy sauce with tomatoes and Caucasian herbs   400 110

Veal blanquette stewed in creamy spinach sauce   300 80

Grilled pork brisket with vegetable sauté   340 105
  pork kebab   260 80
  veal kebab   260 105
  lamb kebab   260 75
  chicken kebab   260 70

Josper  and grill (dishes are cooked on grill until 5 p.m.; after 6 p.m. are cooked in josper)

Chateaubriand steak   100* 56

Salmon steak with grilled lemon   100* 56

Pork neck steak in mustard marinade    100* 42
  Pork ribs in barbecue sauce fried on a grid   100* 40

Turkey fillet with spicy marinade by Chef   100* 39

Domestic chicken with spicy marinade by Chef   100* 27

Baked vegetables tomato, sweet papper, aubergine, zucchini, sweet onion, champignon, potato  100* 23
Pasta, ravioli, noodles

Soba buckwheat noodles with vegetables and ginger-garlic sauce   250 60

Penne with broccoli, ham and parmesan in creamy sauce    250 55

Green fettuccine with salmon   250 90


Squid ink spaghetti with squids and red caviar   250 90

Bolognese spaghetti   300 65

Squid ink ravioli with salmon   220 75

Pumpkin ravioli with chicken and creamy sauce   240 55

Couscous   150 25
  Mashed potatoes with cheese, spinach, basil, pumpkin 150 25

Spinach with cream and cedar nuts   150 50
  Asian Rise   150 30
Desserts   Ice-cream caramel, berry, chocolate, creamy, basil, ginger 100* 27
  Cheese-cake with hazelnuts   160 65

Chocolate pie with mango and orange   160 45

"3 Chocolates" soufflé   160 45

Apple pie   210 45
  Dessert by Chef      
Bread   White bread   50 3
  Rye bread   50 3
  Beer bread with nuts   50 5
  Buns with thyme and dried tomatoes   50 8
  Grissini with bacon   50 8
  Grissini with parmesan   50 8
  Bread plate   300 30
Sauce   Barbecue sauce   50 12
  Thai sauce   50 22
  Mushroom sauce   50 18
  Mustard sauce   50 12
  Horseradish sauce   50 12
  Mustard   50 12